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Valprariso Chile Results

VALPARISO, Chile ( - The top 30 from qualifying moved into the finals this afternoon here in Valpo. Crowd sized surged before the main event and much of this town is shut down.

Cedric Gracia lived up to his first place qualifying and won convincingly, barely touching many of the stair sets in the steeps. A chilean (name soon) took second, and Lars Sternberg (USA) took 3rd. Gracia had stripped down to just his shorts by the time the podium came around. he has ended up back at the hotel in nothing but his underwear and his helmet. A riot started for his jersey after the event and police on motos wearing vests are coming out of the woodwork near the finish area.

Latest update is that a few kids have been arrested.

1 - Cedric Gracia FRA Commencal1:22.41
2 - Oscar Yunge CHILE Oxford 1:24.73
3 - Lars Sternberg USA Fluidride 1:24.84
4 - Sanjay Shanbag USA Unattached 1:26.41
5 - Antonio Leiva CHILE Fusion 1:26.98
6 - Sabastian Vasquez CHILE Cannondale 1:27.08
7 - Ignacio Rojo CHILE Cannondale 1:27.61
8 - Chris Van Dine USA Cannondale the Cut 1:28.16
9 - Martin Flano CHILE Mcdonald Giant 1:29.32
10 - Mauricio Jordan BOLIVIA Unattached 1:29.62
11 - Jeff Beatty CANADA Orange Mojo¬
12 - Duncan Riffle USA Honda Iron Horse

Cedric Gracia: The race went really good, the people are really fucked up here. It's like racing WRC, you jump and don't know where you are going to land until people move out of the way. It's crazy, they just want to touch you, dogshit on the streets and lots of pedaling. Super crowd and a lot of hot girls. So many hot bitches.

My first run went ok, my legs hurt so bad i couldn't pedal. Not fast at all. Second run was really good, I pedal in the strategy points, people are so crazy in the steep part. people were almost in the middle of the road and then the dogs show up. Dogshits everywhere. It was unbelievable. I almost ate it on the last corner in front of van dine, It was fantastic i hope we come back. Maybe twice more people than in one world cup, and we're in Chile. It's crazy. People are crazy here, they fight to have a pair of socks. I give away everything and just go home in my underwear and i was holding my underwear to make sure the lady...she wanted my underwear.

Photos, video and a full writeup and results shortly.

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Posted on Feb 19, 2007 20:28:31 -0400 by Brady.