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UCI WC Points Rule Clarified

Spain ( - Mr Martin Whiteley, Honda Racing team boss, and IMTTO President, has clarified the new 20 point rule for qualification for world cups in a post on

Previously it was thought that as long as you had 20 points from the previous season, you were qualified through 2007 for World Cup eligibility. This is NOT the case as Mr. Whiteley explains below.

"The old system that we created at UCI of having points expire on their birthday was done away with in 2005. The rankings start Jan 1, and end Dec 31...

...So,at Jan 1,everyone has zero points. The UCI are making an exception for Round 1 of the World Cup (XC, DH and 4X) but after that, it's the 2007 ranking that determines the field of entries.

...IMTTO ( have lobbied the UCI on this, but they feel this is the best way. How does anyone score 20 points before Champery? By finishing 31st or better in a World Cup final, or trying to get to as many UCI races as you can before Champery. As I said, small field in Champery."

So there you have it. If you do no have 20 points at the end of Vigo, and are not on a UCI registered trade team, you cannot race anymore world cups in 2007, and thus will have an incredibly hard time reacing the 20 points necessary to race any more on the world cup circuit this season.

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Posted on Mar 13, 2007 13:41:59 -0400 by Brady.