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Rocky Mountain G3 Gravity Series

SUMMIT COUNTY, Colorado (BigFoot) -- Bigfoot Productions is pleased to announce the inaugural dates of its newest event creation, The Rocky Mountain G3 Gravity Series. The series kicks off in Keystone, Colorado on the weekend of June 30. While G3 tour stop #2 is still being negotiated and details are pending, date #3 has been slated for the weekend of October 6th in Angel Fire, NM and replaces the popular "Final Descent" event.

What makes a "G3"? Simple. It's a gravity stage race with a big honking purse. Keystone and Angel Fire will both feature 2 DH courses and a ripping Super-D. Each rider posts a time on each course with the lowest cumulative time determining the whom go the spoils. Which are considerable - there's $10,000 in cash on the line at both Keystone and Angel Fire.

So it's a general classification format? Yup, but leave your polka dot jerseys at home 'cuz this one's all gravity fed. Plus your pressure suites gonna give you all sorts of weird panty-lines if you dress like a roadie. We do have a bit of a tweak on the format though, pros only will be assigned start times. All other riders will be able to tackle each course in their own time and in their own way. Wanna ride with a bro? No problem. Head down together. Wanna mingle with the ladies? Crank up the charm brother, it's your birthday.

So...Keystone? Oh yeah, Keystone. Join us there as The Stone cracks open their new DH trail, appropriately titled, "Money". The Keystone park gets better and better each and every year and Greg, Matt and Bender have been busy little beavers - a good reason to start setting aside a little ching for your Keystone Summer lift pass. Look for another exciting Keystone DH announcement soon.

And Angel Fire? Yes. Angel Fire. Where the terrain makes burly men sob uncontrollably. Where the rocks salivate at the sight of fresh bicycles. Where hydraulic brake pads go to die. We may go 3 DH's here. Stay tuned.

So what's up with the "Perfect Storm" metaphor? In Keystone's case the Colorado calendar is jam-packed with kick-ass gravity racing and it starts with Keystone's G3. The following weekend is Crankwerx Colorado and the weekend after that is MSC #5 in Snowmass. If you are a gravity racer Colorado in July is where your bread is buttered. As far as Angel Fire goes, it's the season-ending gravity event for the year and it takes place just as Interbike is winding down. We are gonna shut down 2007 with the Chupacabra.

WTF is Bigfoot? Simple. A production company that believes in the 4 B's: bikes, beers, beans (coffee beans, that is) and burritos. You see, somewhere along the line mountain bike racing got its panties all twisted up and started taking itself waaayyyy too seriously. And as if that wasn't bad enough, Americans stopped visiting international podiums. Enough is enough. We stand for having a little fun and not being so friggin' uptight (...but still kicking a little ass across the pond.)

The following folks make it happen for the Rocky Mountain riding community: Accelerade, Angel Fire Resort, Control Tech, Dale's Pale Ale, DT Swiss, e.thirteen, Fox Racing Shox, Hayes, Kenda, Keystone Resort, Liquid Inc. Design, Manitou, Maverick, Mountain Bike Magazine, Pearlizumi, Rocky Mountain Roastery, Santa Cruz, Shimano, Smith Optics, Spike Shooter, Sponsorhouse, Static, Sun Ringle, The Fix, Thirtysixlame Design, Thomson, Toyota FJ Cruiser, Vast Action Phot0graphy, Wheat Ridge Cyclery and Yeti Cycles.

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Posted on Apr 26, 2007 17:14:44 -0400 by Brady.