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Gravity East Series #2 Massanutten Report

HARRISONBURG, VA ( - Second stop of the Gravity East series finished today under rain showers. Rain begun to fall half way through the race giving the sport and beginner riders a slick course on the upper half of the course. Trevyn Newpher walked away with the top step of the podium in Pro.

If you ever wanted to make a lot of money at a race come to Massanutten with a truck full of tubes and setup shop on the side of the trail at the top. Of all the courses on the east coast Massanutten is notorious for laying waste to rims, tires, and tubes. The Reading Racing crew gets the prize for making the most use of their lift ticket as they were seen riding the lift down on many occasion with flat tires.

The course today seemed more rough than previous years but still very fast and fun. There was a much needed berm added to the exit of the woods to the last fireroad section of the course. Good time is had by all that come and race this course.

As with previous years the race was very well organized and the race started exactly on time. A big compliment to the organizers at Massanutten Ski Resort for putting on a stellar event, again! The number one complaint about Massanutten you hear from the racers is "why don't they have more than one event per year here?"!

Full Results to come.

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Posted on May 13, 2007 00:50:38 -0400 by Brady.