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Champery World Cup - Final Results

CHAMPERY, Switzerland ( - Heavens opened and rain fell on the Champery DH course half way through the finals. Making the course a mud slide instead of a race course. The strategist who chose to qualify slow and run first on race day are the ones that posted the fastest times of the day. Matti Lehikoinen's strategy paid as he put the top podium position firmly beneath his feet. The only rider able to pierce the top 10 in the mud was Sam Hill who turned in one amazing fast run in the wet slope to grab third place.

Pro Men DH:
1. Matti Lehikoinen (FIN) Honda G Cross 4:10.21
2. Steve Peat (GBR) Santa Cruz Syndicate 4:11.81
3. Sam Hill (AUS) Monster Iron Horse 4:11.84
4. Fabien Barel (FRA) Kona Les Gets 4:14.91
5. Mick Hannah (AUS) Cannondale the cut 4:21.52
6. Adam Brayton (GBR) 4:22.15
7. Josh Bryceland (GBR) 4:22.95
8. Marcus Klausmann (GER) 4:23.09
9. Adam Wagner (CZE) 4:23.95
10. Remi Thirion (FRA) 4:25.61

Pro Women DH:
1. Marielle Saner (SUI) 4:59.22
2. Emmiline Ragot (FRA) 5:01.59
3. Sabrina Jonnier (FRA) 5:02.08
4. Mio Suemesa (JPN) Intense 5:13.80
5. Tracey Hannah (AUS) Orange 5:16.89
6. Helen Gaskell (GBR) 5:17.71
7. Tracy Moseley (GBR) Kona Les Gets 5:22.51
8. Scarlett Hagen (NZL) GT 5:28.02
9. Floriane Pugin (FRA) 5:31.50
10. Fionn Griffiths (GBR) 5:39.57

In 4X, the USA riders nabbed both first place in the men and the women. Brian Lopes took his number 1 qualifying position all the way to the finals to win the 4x. Jill Kitner put her self back in the pole position

Pro Men 4X:
1. Brian Lopes (USA) 51.23
2. Michal Prokop (CZE) 52.72
3. Filip Polc (SVK) 55.19
4. Gee Atherton (GBR) 54.12
5. Jared Graves (AUS) 54.14

Pro Women 4X:
1. Jill Kitner (USA) 56.68
2. Rachel Seydoux (SUI) 1:01.50
3. Fionn Griffiths (GBR) 1:01.96
4. Mio Suemasa (JPN) 1:04.69
5. Anneke Beerten (NED) 1:03.99

Full results posted here

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Posted on Jun 11, 2007 12:46:14 -0400 by Brady.