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Carters Lake Race #1 Results and Photos

ATLANTA, GA ( - First race of the three race Mini DH series took place June 10 under sunny skies. Twenty two racers total, not bad for the first race and a DH race held in Georgia!

Racers got the best of two runs on the tight and jump filled course. Trail bikes were the weapon of choice for many of the racers. Attendance was mainly Georgia racers but there were also people that traveled from Alabama and Tennessee as well. First run Chris Herndon laid down the fastest time of the whole day and the course record at 1:29. Chad Oliver in his first DH race laid down a very respectable time in Amateur for the win.

Photo: Carl Mesta

Photo: Carl Mesta

Video by Zach Heaton: Carters Lake DH Race Video (right click save as - 67mb)

1 Christopher HERNDON 1:29.33
2 Ryan BLOCK 1:32.27
3 Doug FERGUSON 1:32.86
4 Jake HAMLIN 1:35.21
5 Karl PETERS 1:37.14
6 Nick HEIDMANN 1:38.86
7 Jeff DEIN 1:38.99
8 Mark ZISKA 1:39.83
9 Jeff BRASWELL 1:40.99
10 Pk GRAFF 1:58.30

1 Chad OLIVER 1:37.99
2 Mitch SARGENT 1:40.89
3 Josh RHAME 1:44.21
4 Tim 1:47.99
5 Michael MARTIN 1:49.24
6 Brian QUILLEN 1:52.64
7 Michael CLARK 1:53.30
8 Tom LEARMAN 1:53.61
9 Jason PEASTER 1:57.61
10 Vic PALMERI 1:58.99
11 Mark BARRY 1:59.05
12 Mark MITCHELL 2:29.86

Photos by Carl Mesta can be viewed and purchased here.

Photos taken by individuals can be seen here.

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Posted on Jun 13, 2007 11:05:14 -0400 by Brady.