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Snowshoe Race #1 Report and Results

SNOWSHOE, WV ( - The first race of the Snowshoe Full Throttle three race series took place over last weekend with 235 racers showing up for the DH. That is an increase over the first race in last years series. For 2007, Snowshoe changed the class structure. Snowshoe now offers four classes with everything except Elite class being broke out in age groups.

In typical Snowshoe June weather, rain came down in buckets on Friday turning the course into slop. Rain and clouds continued Friday afternoon and on into the night. Saturday practice had everyone running mud tires, wearing rain suites, and fashioning fenders out of anything they can find. The weather turned sunny toward the end of the day on Saturday for a hefty helping of Snowshoe peanut butter, a.k.a. Snowshoe mud.

Sunday morning brought sunny skies and a steady cool wind. The course began to dry by the minute. Conditions changed rapidly as each run got dryer and dryer. By race time, the course was almost completely dry and had everyone hustling in the parking lot changing tires.

Elite Men:
1. Christopher Herndon Cane Creek/ Specialized 4.09.83
2. Josh Clark 9.8/Sinister, Kenda 4.18.45
3. Geritt Beytagh Morewood 4.20.75
4. Tim Price Specialized Bikes 4.22.69

Elite Women:
1. Missy Giove Trixter/TLD 5.09.47 250
2. Rae Gandulf Sierra Nev. Brew 5.37.90 225
3. Ellen Adams Cycle Therapy/Intense Cycles 5.54.69 200
4. Heather Brennan High Gear Racing 6.24.82

Full Results:
Mens Elite
Womens Elite
Mens Amateur Under 17
Mens Amateur 18-29
Mens Amateur 30-39
Mens Amateur 40+
Mens Weekend Warrior Under 17
Mens Weekend Warrior 18-29
Mens Weekend Warrior 30-39
Mens Weekend Warrior 40+
Womens Weekend Warrior
Mens Intro Under 17
Mens Intro 18-29
Mens Intro 30-39
Mens Intro 40+
Womens Intro

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Posted on Jul 3, 2007 21:08:25 -0400 by Brady.