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Hill Claims Crankworx Garbanzo

WHISTLER, BC ( - Sam Hill wins the Garbanzo DH by 30 seconds, completely decimating the competition. Chris brings us this report and photos:

Sam HillWeather broke for a while today - 90% chance of rain forecast for the mountain this morning, but the sun managed to break through and give the crowds a break from yesterday's drenching at the biker cross. The Garbanzo Downhill is the one of the longest downhill runs in the world, testing biker's lungs, legs, and technical ability. Beginning up at the top of the Garbanzo lift extension, the trail drops the entire face of the mountain and clocks in at 3400 feet - many riders were crossing the finish line beyond exhausted, with the unoffical best time belonging to Australian Sam Hill. Hundreds of riders battled the muddy course, as the crowd watched on from the Whistler base.

Finishing off the course was a 6 foot or bigger drop at a rock outcropping called the GLC drops. For most pros this should be nothing, but after 20 minutes of intense DH riding it claimed more than one victim.

The awards ceremony was delayed until further this week, pending a retabulation of the times. As of press time, no results were posted.

Overall, the scene at the base was pretty strong, with more spectators lining the bottom of the course to watch the pros motor through. Much of the crowd at the base was at the Garibaldi Lift Company Bar & Grill - slopeside to the GLC drops to catch all the action.

Tomorrow is an off day, followed later this week by the woman's races and the wild Air Downhill - taking place on the most famous DH run on the globe: the A-Line. Conditions for this race should be more favorable, with temperatures expected to rise and the rain to fade back into the coast.

Sam Hill
Sam Hill coming in off the GLC drop for the win by 30 seconds.

glc drop crash

Outnumbered about 10,000:1 - a glacier skier dodges downhillers on the way to the lift.

Crankworx 2007 Photo Gallery

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Posted on Jul 23, 2007 08:46:54 -0400 by Brady.