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Carters Lake Race #3 Results

ATLANTA, GA ( - Carters Lake MiniDH series finals wrapped up August 12 on one hot southern day. Twenty two racers showed up to put it on the line for cash and prizes for the series finals and to sweat buckets of water under the sweltering heat.

For the series finals, SoFA trail crew made some trail improvements to the end of the course adding a large step down followed by a berm and a slight sprint to the new finish line. This gave spectators at the bottom of the course some viewing pleasure and the other racers as they finished their runs.

Classes were run in reverse order according to points standings, Amateur class first followed by Open/Pro. This race was double points and gave an opportunity for some people to bump others down in the points standing. A little shuffle in the Open/Pro class of winners did just that. Doug Ferguson and Chad Oliver won their respective classes also winning the series. Chad Oliver peddled away with a brand new GT Ruckus DJ bike outfitted with parts from Thomson, Crankbrothers, Michelin, and Cane Creek. Doug Ferguson walked away with $200 for the overall pro purse plus his winnings from the current race.

Carters Lake Amateur

Carters Lake Open Pro

Carters Lake DH Race

Carters Lake DH Race

Complete photo album from the race here.

Video from the race can be downloaded here (Quicktime Format)

Position Name Time
1 Doug Ferguson 01:36.42
2 Mark Ziska 01:38.61
3 Jeremy Raney 01:38.90
4 Jake Hamlin 01:40.05
5 Jeff Brasswell 01:40.08
6 Jeff Dein 01:45.08
7 Karl Peters 01:46.31
8 Terry Jeffers 01:49.15
9 PK Graff 01:51.77


Position Name Time
1 Chad Oliver 01:41.55
2 Mitch Sargent 01:42.18
3 Josh Rhame 01:45.57
4 Micheal Martin 01:47.90
5 Shawn Haucks 01:50.30
6 Brian Quillen 01:51.52
7 Erik Kirk 01:51.68
8 Kaleb Rhodes 01:52.77
9 Jacob Nobles 01:55.43
10 Jason Peaster 02:00.61
11 Tom Learman 02:07.20
12 Al Ferri 02:27.18

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Posted on Aug 19, 2007 14:18:49 -0400 by Brady.