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Claymore Challenge Photo Highlights

NORTHFIELD, New Hamp. ( - 2010 Claymore Challenge was bigger and better than every. Loads of spectators, compeditors from around the world, live webcasted video coverage, jumbo-tron video at the event, and plenty of activities for everyone the entire day.

A dramatic change from last year was the weather and conditions. 2009 had wet conditions caused by rains the night before the event causing a 2-3 hour delay in the competition. This year Highland Mountain was beyond dry!

When the dust settled - literally - the 2009 Claymore Champion Brandon Semenuk defended his title by edging out 2cd place finisher Cameron McCaul by only 0.25 points! Cameron McCaul had qualified first and was sitting in the hot seat after the first round after front flipping the huge 20+ foot jump at the end called Freebird - very spectacular! McCaul was on his way to putting together a competition winning second run until Freebird freed him of his bike and sent him dirt sliding down the back side with some nasty road rash to prove it. That gave Semenuk the win.

Podium makeup:
1. Brandon Semenuk (CAN)
2. Cameron McCaul (USA)
3. Logan Peat (CAN)
4. Casey Groves (CAN)
5. Daren Berrecloth (CAN)

Here's a collection of highlight photos from the event.

Want to get more photos, view my photo album of the 2010 Claymore Challenge.

2010 Claymore Challenge Highlights Course from the top
View from top the first dirt satellite
2010 Claymore Challenge Highlights
Blue Groove in one of the dirt satelites
Paul Basagoitia
Paul Basagoitia spinning a 360 out of a dish
Ladder Drop
Mitch Chubey coming off the new ladder drop
Ladder Drop
Mitch Chubey Back flipping the hip
Logan Peat X-up
Logan Peat one footed X-up coming out one of the satellite dish
Logan Peat Ladder Drop
Logan Peat Dropping the Highland Camp Ladder Drop
McGarry Perfect Table
Kelly McGarry had the most perfect tables on the hip
Shuttle Truck
It was dusty. It was hot!
Adam Hauck
Adam Hauck on the Ladder Drop
2010 Claymore Challenge Darren Berrecloth
Darren Berrecloth backflipping the double
2010 Claymore Challenge Brandon Semenuk
Brandon Semenuk Spinning a 360 off the Ladder Drop
2010 Claymore Challenge
Demon Dirt Pilot coming out of the dirt dish
2010 Claymore Challenge Paul Langlands
Paul Langlands taking a break from the Dew Tour and riding a 26"
2010 Claymore Challenge Aaron Chase
Aaron Chase doing a good job pulling 360's out the dirt dish lips
2010 Claymore Challenge Kelly McGarry
"Goldylocks" McGarry serves up perfect tables
2010 Claymore Challenge Bearclaw
Darren "Bearclaw" pleasing the crowds at Highland
2010 Claymore Challenge Semenuk
Semenuk sending it high off the GoPro cannon with a tail whip
2010 Claymore Challenge Semenuk Winning Run
Brandon Semenuk with a backflip tail whip on his way to victory
2010 Claymore Challenge Cameron McCaul Final Run
Cameron McCaul had a rocking run till the last jump where he didn't quit stick thi
2010 Claymore Challenge Podium
Brandon Semenuk standing where he did a year ago
2010 Claymore Challenge Beaver Pond Dunk
Brandon Semenuk taking his complementary dunk in the beaver pond, comes with the top podium spot - free of charge

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Posted on Jul 19, 2010 13:50:20 -0400 by Brady.